Best photographic accessories for the iPhone 4 and 4S

Ten of the best photographic accessories for your iPhone.

Question from this weekend's Hardware 2.0 mailbox:

"A few weeks ago you listed a dozen or so of the top accessories for the iPhone and iPad. Among those accessories was an adapter that allowed Nikon or Canon lenses to be attached to an iPhone, which I found quite interesting.

I'm quite a keep photographer and find myself increasingly leaving my bulky digital SLRs at home in favor of my iPhone. Can you suggest any photographic accessories should I be looking at for my iPhone?"

If there's one thing I've learned about photographers, it's that they love their kit. I honestly think that there are times when they love photographic kit more than they love taking photos. Fortunately, if you're a keen photo snapper and you're finding yourself turning to your iPhone more and more, there's a lot of accessories out there; more than enough to satisfy your lust for new gear.

Here are ten of the best photographic accessories for the iPhone, ranging in price for $25 up to $250. All the accessories listed here are compatible with the iPhone 4 and 4S.

Best photographic accessories for the iPhone 4 and 4S

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Kogeto Dot

The Kogeto Dot is a stylish and durable attachment that clips onto the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S allowing you to shoot 360° videos (or "dotspots") from the palm of your hand.


The Olloclip is a quick-connect lens solution for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S that includes fisheye, wide-angle and macro lenses in one small, convenient package that easily fits in your pocket.

iPhone SLR Mount

This case-adapter combo lets you mount a Canon EOS or Nikon SLR lens to your iPhone, giving you access to powerful photographic techniques, such as depth of field and manual focus.


The RainBallet surrounds every inch of your iPhone with waterproof protection. This case is IPX7 certified to endure up to 30 minutes underwater without adverse effects, so it brings out the best of the your iPhone even when completely wet.

Steadicam Smoothee

Based on the same technology as the big $60,000 rigs used in Hollywood, the Smoothee allows you to capture incredible video and still images without the shakes normally associated with hand-held video shot on the go -- right out of the box -- the very first time.

iPro Lens System

The iPro Lens System comes with a fisheye and wide angle lenses that easily twist on and off and let you capture more in every shot.


The mCam is an aluminum frame for the iPhone that features grips for better stability, a 37mm wide angle/macro combo lens and a 180° external microphone.

Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit

A simple case that slips over the iPhone which offers nine different effects and filters without the need for any apps or post-processing of the images.


A handy solution that allows you to attach your iPhone to a keychain, backpack, purse, or pretty much anything else for that matter.

iPhone Telephoto Lens

A fixed 8x telephoto lens for the iPhone that is like having a 500mm lens attached to your iPhone, yet fits easily into your pocket.

Image sourcesPhotojojo, Holga.


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