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Best Prime Day 2020 deals: Robots, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and electronic kits (Update: Expired)

The very best deals on all things Raspberry Pi and random robotics on Amazon.

Update, Oct. 15: Amazon's Prime Day 2020 sale officially ended at midnight PT on Oct. 14. If you would still like to find business tech deals or the best products to buy, check out our ZDNet Recommends directory.

Welcome to a very fun hodgepodge of geek goodies on sale at Amazon for Prime Day. We cover a bunch of deals in this guide, including some good Raspberry Pi kit discounts and a really good price on a Creality 3D printer you can control with a Pi board.

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The very best Prime Day 2020 deals on tech.

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Look, we'll admit that the most desirable robot gadgets aren't on this list because they're not on sale for Prime Day. But if you want to do a little virtual window shopping and come home with something you can put together and tinker with, we have a great little selection.

Oh, and if you're just getting started with Raspberry Pi making, here's a quick intro.

Retro Raspberry Pi gaming kit

$20 off


Oh, this is a fun one. If you want to run some ancient Atari games in emulation on a Raspberry Pi, consider this kit (with a Raspberry Pi 3 B+). It includes a mini monitor, a game controller, and a pile of retro Atari games, all on one kit.

$80 at Amazon

STEM 12 in 1 Education Robot Toy

Save $11


There are no good LEGO deals on Prime Day, but if you want to build a robot in the spirit of LEGO, this kit might be fore you. This kit allows you to build 12 different robot projects out of the one kit.

$29 at Amazon

Raspberry Pi 4 Aluminum Case

$3 off


Here's a slick-looking aluminum case for your Raspberry Pi 4. It also comes in black.

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Digilent Zybo Z7: Zynq-7000 ARM/FPGA SoC Development Board



If you want a single-board computer that's not a Raspberry Pi, but will get you started with Arm development, consider the Zybo 27:

  • Built around the Xilinx Zynq-7000 AP SoC, with 650MHz dual-core Cortex-A9 processor and DDR3 memory controller with 8 DMA channels
  • On board user interfaces include 6 push buttons, 4 slide switches, 5 LEDs, 2 RGB LEDs, and more
  • Expansion opportunities with six Pmod connector ports, over 30 FPGA I/O, four Analog capable 0-1.0V differential pairs to XADC, and more
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MalsiPree Robotic Interactive Cat Toy

$8 off


What? This is Prime Day on the Internet and you think we'd leave you without a cute cat robot? Of course not. This device is a set of wheels designed to annoy your kitty. What could be more fun?

So, some pets will love this and others won't. When I got my little dog, I planned on building it all sorts of robotic gadgets. I was going to make him a robotic car, a mech suit, and so many other things. But Pixel doesn't like plastic or mechanical things. At all. He just likes yanking all the stuffing out of his little stuffed animal friends. But your cat just might like chasing a robot all over the house. More to the point, you might like watching your cat chase a robot all over the house. 

Go ahead and get it. You know you want to.

$31 at Amazon

ELECROW Microbit Kit

$14 off


This is a great coding kit for kids to get started learning coding. And here's a secret: even if you're an adult, it's a great way to get started with Python programming. It's fun, engaging, and informative.

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AuviPal Raspberry Pi camera module

$1.80 off


This is not exactly a huge Prime Day discount, but it's a 1080p camera for under $10. It's a Raspberry Pi camera module, which when paired with your Pi, can open the door to remote monitoring, security, robotics and more.

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UMLIFE Sensor Modules Kit for Arduino

$3.20 off


If you want your Arduino to be aware of the real world, you need to get yourself this sensor kit. For about twelve bucks, you get sensors that detect detect temperature, humidity, sound, light, infrared, motion, flame, vibration, digital touch, air pressure and more.

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Superbot STEM robot toy

Save $42


No it's not LEGO Technics. It's just a very fine clone of LEGO Technics. I'm pretty sure LEGO isn't thrilled, but their annoyance is your savings. Go ahead and scoop up this robot kit and build away. It should be a lot of fun and it's a good deal today.

$47 at Amazon

More Prime Day 2020 deals

Here are a few other noteworthy robot and Pi alternative deals we spotted on Amazon: