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Best Prime Day deals 2020: Chairs, desks, and home office furniture (Update: Expired)

The very best home office furniture deals on Amazon.

Update, Oct. 15: Amazon's Prime Day 2020 sale officially ended at midnight PT on Oct. 14. If you would still like to find business tech deals or the best products to buy, check out our ZDNet Recommends directory.

Working from home is no longer uncommon as the coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses into rapidly establishing ways for employees to accept corporate resources remotely -- and for staff to quickly create home offices that will likely be in use for the foreseeable future. 

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The very best Prime Day 2020 deals on tech.

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With no end to remote working conditions in sight, now is the time to make sure you have a home office space that is as comfortable as possible -- whether this is a full set up in a dedicated room or a budget-friendly corner with a few select items.

To help you kit out your home office and take advantage of Amazon Prime Day bargains, we have compiled a list of the top deals over the event. We will be updating as new bargain appear.

Razer Base Station, headphone stand

$15 off


To kick off your office furniture hunt over the Amazon Prime Day sales event, you may want to pick up the Razer Base Station headphone/headset stand. A sleek piece of home office furniture with a black finish, a rubber base for stability, and three useful USB ports, this product would not look out of place on any desk as a way to store your headset.

$44 at Amazon

Designa Folding Computer Desk

$120 off


If space is limited in your home, on Amazon Prime Day, you can pick up a space-saving computer desk for a substantial discount. The 33-inch Designa Folding Computer Desk is a stylish and minimalistic desk that can be folded away after the work day or a study session.

Update: out of stock

$79 at Amazon

Everlasting comfort seat cushion for office chairs

$15 off


Sitting at a desk for hours on end can be tiring and a strain, and now many of us will be working from our home offices for the foreseeable future, comfort is key. Amazon's Prime Day event includes the Everlast comfort seat cushion, a pillow which may help those with back and spinal conditions -- as well as simply those working long hours in the same position.

$24 at Amazon

Sofa sack

$15 off


Taking time away from the desk for a break can be more difficult when you are at home, but one way to take a moment away from the screen -- or simply to make your office space seem more cozy -- is to stash an adult bean bag in the corner. The Sofa sack, which fits the bill, is currently on sale over on Amazon during the sales event.

$61 at Amazon

AmazonBasics high-back bonded leather executive office desk chair

$22 off


Setting up a home office does not have to be expensive, and to make the prospect even more budget-friendly this year, Amazon is offering up to 30% off office chairs and furniture. The AmazonBasics high-back bonded leather executive office desk chair, a padded and adjustable chair, can be snapped up for a 15% discount over Amazon Prime Day.

Update: limited stock available

$89 at Amazon

Huanuo under desk keyboard tray

$28 off


If your wrists and the position of your office keyboard and mouse needs adjustment, the Huanuo under desk keyboard tray is on offer this Amazon Prime Day. The platform can be adjusted for height up to seven inches and can also be rotated.

$41 at Amazon

Razer Seiren Emote streaming microphone

$80 off


For something a bit different this Amazon Prime Day, you might want to consider an upgraded microphone for your desktop and streaming sessions. A steal at $99.99, a discount from a usual $179.99 price point, this microphone has a stand, built-in background noise reduction, integrated emoticon features for live play sessions, a shock mount, and a hypercardioid system for accurate audio recording. 

$99 at Amazon

CubiCubi computer office desk

$40 savings


For a stylish addition to your home office, you can grab a CubiCubi 55-inch desk over Amazon's sale event. Suitable for use with a laptop, tower PC, or simply as a writing desk, the desk is sturdy due to its wood and steel frame construction, bringing a subtle, modern feel to any room. 

$99 at Amazon

Designa gaming desk

$36 savings


An office desk suitable for those who like a minimalist, clean look, the Designa gaming desk can currently be purchased with a $36 discount. The 55-inch desk is made from carbon fiber and comes with several features for additional comfort, including a cup holder, headphone hook, and a controller stand for gaming. 

$143 at Amazon

Space-saving shelves

$4.80 off


A budget-friendly way to increase the storage capacity of a small home office is to use wall shelving. For odd bits and pieces, Perlesmith floating shelves are a good buy over Prime Day. The shelves can support up to 16.5lbs.

$19 at Amazon

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Here are a few other noteworthy home office furniture deals we spotted on Amazon: