Best tablet of CES 2012: ASUS Transformer 700 series (Prime refresh)

One tablet appearing at the CES this week is the one to beat, the ASUS Transformer 700 series with a screen resolution beating most laptops.

There were no shortage of tablets at CES, most of them me-too Android tablets of one size or another. A couple of prototype slates were spotted running Windows 8, and even a few prototypes that will never see the light of day. Since the original Transformer Prime from ASUS (right) is a hot tablet, the refreshed hardware shown this week makes it the best of CES 2012 in my book.

The hardware in the Transformer Prime is already top-notch, with a quad-core Tegra 3 powering things. The new version, likely called the Transformer 700 series, keeps everything in place but upgrades the display to an insane 1920x1200 resolution. This is the best display on any tablet, bar none.

What sets both new Transformers apart from the Android crowd is the laptop dock that turns the tablet into a full-fledged tablet. This will be a stellar use for that high-resolution display that far exceeds those found on Ultrabooks. The laptop dock also brings an extra 10 hours of battery life to the mix.

The Transformer series 700 isn't cheap starting at $599 and the dock is another $150 but for those wanting the best of show that's the price to play.

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