Better Know a Blogger interviews James Kendrick

I was honored to be asked to appear on this show hosted by David Gewirtz of ZDNet. We sat down for a good geeky conversation about everything from Star Trek to fracking.

ZDNet colleague David Gewirtz conducts a series of video interviews where he sits down with ZDNet bloggers and finds out what makes them tick. I was honored David asked me to participate and we had a great conversation about a wide range of topics.

David aptly coaxed me to discuss how I work and over the course of the conversation we even talked about Star Trek and fracking. If you're interested in how tech bloggers work check out the interview below, then visit David's DIY-IT blog on ZDNet. David is a professional interviewer and he was able to make even me look somewhat professional.

Better Know a Blogger: James Kendrick (video)