Better Know a Blogger: Matt Baxter-Reynolds on the death of the PC

ZDNet's Matt Baxter-Reynolds helms the Post-PC Developments blog and has a lot to say about whether the PC is dead or dying. Tune in for our latest Better Know a Blogger show to hear what Matt thinks about Windows 8 and the future of the PC (if it even has a future).

Normally, the Better Know a Blogger series dives into what it takes to be a blogger. But our guest today, ZDNet's Matt Baxter-Reynolds of the Post-PC Developments blog is working on a book about the death of the PC. So, you know what we talked about. Does the PC have a future? It's a fascinating discussion (and yes, the blue screen of death video background was intentional).

Successful, professional bloggers (like those of us who write for ZDNet) write to make at least part of our living, and we're incredibly fortunate because we make real money at it. To some degree, we have a tougher job than the amateur blogger, because doing this is actually a job. We have professional standards to meet, team coordination required, and self-control to practice. In return, we have a broad reach and a magnified voice.

So what does it take to be a professional blogger?

How do we each approach this very ill-defined task? How do we manage our time? What tools do we use? How do we deal with conflicts? How do we improve our chances of further success? How did we get here to begin with?

These are the questions I've set out to answer in my Better Know a Blogger series. My goal is to regularly interview ZDNet's bloggers (along with a few other folks you might find interesting) and help you get to know these people at a level you've never been able to before.

You regularly read our work output, but who are we? Where do we work? What do we care about? Why do we do it? In this series, you'll find out.

Matt's relatively new to ZDNet, but he's rapidly become one of my favorite writers in the crew, always on the spot with interesting, informative, thought-provoking pieces. This week, Matt Baxter-Reynolds, of ZDNet's Post-PC Developments is the next to sit under the hot lights of Skype for an in-depth interview. Here's what he had to say:

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