BetterWorks hires Apple engineer, announces Apple Watch app for enterprise

BetterWorks, a California company, has brought on an ex-Apple engineer to get its upcoming Apple Watch app for enterprise going.

This month, BetterWorks of Palo Alto, California, hired Jonathan Cheyer, former senior director of Engineering at Apple, to spearhead the mid-year release of an app for the Apple Watch.

(Image: BetterWorks)

The BetterWorks app for Apple Watch will provide a window into the firm's project-tracking and collaboration service for small business. This service allows managers of work teams to set milestones, or goals in BetterWorks terminology, and then track them at a glance.

The system gives an overview of where the team focus should be, and that of individual team members. Team members meeting milestones can be sent congratulatory messages to keep them motivated.

The BetterWorks app will allow team members to quickly see what they should be doing. It will also show messages from others on the team and managers, providing a project-tracking and collaboration system.

Cheyer worked with the Siri and iTunes Radio teams while at Apple.

The Apple Watch may open up the enterprise effort for Apple. Companies like BetterWorks may find the wearable to be a good fit for collaborative efforts.

Last year, BetterWorks received series A funding of $15.5 million to ramp up the relatively new service platform for small businesses.

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