Beware of iPad 3 scams on Facebook, Twitter

Apple may have scheduled a new iPad event for next week, but that should only remind you that the iPad 3 is not yet available. Anything suggesting otherwise on Facebook and Twitter is a scam.

Yes, Apple has scheduled an iPad event in San Francisco for March 7, 2012. No, the iPad 3 is not available on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever else social network you frequent.

Security company Sophos is already warning users they should beware of scammers and spammers:

Of course, one group that isn't bothering to wait are the spammers and scammers who frequently tempt the unwary into clicking on their links, or completing their revenue-generating surveys, by offering the latest Apple gear.. for free.

And even though the iPad 3 doesn't exist yet (and who can forget the iPhone 5 scams that all looked a bit silly once Apple actually announced the iPhone 4S instead?) we are seeing plenty of examples of Facebook pages and tweets that appear to be attempting to trick users into thinking they can get one for free.

As Apple hasn't even announced the existence of an iPad 3, these posts and pages (some of which have existed for months) are clearly up to no good. It would be great to see social networks like Facebook and Twitter do more to clean up such clearly dubious activity, to better protect their userbase.

Chances are that we will see Apple announce an iPad 3 very soon. But don't be duped into believing there's an easy way to get one for free.

This is just the beginning. Once the new iPad (whatever it ends up being called) is announced, you can bet your bottom dollar that the scams will increase. It has happened before and it will happen again. All you can do is spread the word that these are scams to minimize the virality of the nonsense.

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