Beware your boss is watching you surf

Employers routinely snoop on their employees to clamp down on Net abuse and to protect against liability

Over three quarters of UK companies routinely snoop on their employees' Web surfing, according to research published Tuesday.

Research company Industrial Relations Services, which canvassed 74 British organisations in its study, says the snooping is not purely to clamp down on Net abuse during work time, but also to protect companies against liability for illegal Internet activity.

The survey found that 77 percent of all employers in the UK monitor their workers' surfing and 55 percent observe email communications.

Founder member of Internet liberties organisation, Malcolm Hutty is concerned that not all employers tell staff they are being monitored.

The new Human Rights Act, which is to be introduced in October, will give individuals the legal right to privacy although it is not yet clear how much this will effect an employer's right to monitor their workers' Internet and email use.

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