Beyond Amazon: E-commerce satisfaction leans to Avon, JC Penney

Amazon leads the pack. Netflix is in a tailspin and Best Buy has a lot of catching up to do.

ForeSee is out with its e-commerce satisfaction scores and to no one's surprise Amazon is the top dog. Netflix's scores have crashed too. But the real jostling for position is among those multichannel brands such as Avon, JC Penney and others. According to ForeSee, Avon was the No. 2 e-tailer and JC Penney was No. 3. JC Penney is worth watching given Ron Johnson, Apple's former retail chief, is now CEO. QVC was No. 4 followed by Apple.

Among the key takeaways:

  • Best Buy's challenges are clear. Best Buy's customer satisfaction score was 10 points behind Amazon. Best Buy also trailed TigerDirect, HP, Dell and Newegg. Best Buy is betting big on e-commerce, but it is playing catch up.
  • The office supply race belongs to Staples, which is comfortably ahead of Office Depot and Officemax on the Web.
  • Fulfillment matters. Gap's scores tanked because it has struggled to fulfill orders.