Bharti Airtel dives into mobile ads

India telecom giant begins foray into mobile advertising to tap market which it says will grow more than 40 percent over next few years.

Indian telecommunications giant Bharti Airtel has announced its plan to enter the lucrative mobile advertising business by offering a platform to enable advertisers in the country to reach out to potential customers.

Citing K. Srinivas, president of consumer business at Bharti Airtel, the Times of India reported Sunday that the m-advertising platform will allow advertisers to "land their message in a simple, effective manner, in an increasingly complex media environment".

Srinivas said the mobile advertising market in India was expected to grow more than 40 percent over the next few years, which the company intends to leverage.

According to Bharti, through the platform, advertisers will be able to leverage multiple communications outlets and tools such as mobile Web, messaging services and Airtel digital TV to engage their audiences, including those in India's rural areas.

"It will not only create opportunities for increasing brand saliency, but also conversions using technologies such as mobile couponing for segments such as youths and smartphone users," it added.