BIBLE: ZDNet's Startup Bible

The holy book of starting-up an Internet business

Within these pages you will find the holy book of starting-up an Internet business. If you're hoping to become one of chosen few Internet millionaires, an avid follower of trading trends or just curious, this ZDNet News special will prove an indispensable guide.

The Ten Commandments

Before you embark on your pilgrimage read the Ten Commandments, guaranteed to keep you from straying from the path of righteousness.

The Pioneers

What's it like to have actually done it? This first article explores the mystical world of Silicon Valley from the viewpoint of those who made it what it is. These guys know the start-up game like the back of their laptop and have some very valuable pearls of wisdom for all budding British entrepreneurs.

Hard work or cold cash?

Ask any Silicon Valley startup what the most important factors are in achieving success and you'll get the same reply each time -- the entrepreneurial ethos of the people working there and the availability of hard cash.

Divine Inspiration

You're not going anywhere without an original idea. So, what's the secret to dreaming up something that everyone else hasn't already thought of? Here are some of the most innovative entrepreneurs plying their trade in the UK's burgeoning start-up scene. Read of their genius and be humbled.

Culture Clash

No matter how fast things are changing, a UK startup is still forced to operate under a very different business model than that found in the Valley. ZDNet explores the issues that are still causing British companies to leave the UK for the welcoming arms of American venture capitalists.

Ten of the Best Stateside

Here we take a look at ten of the hottest young companies in Silicon Valley. If you haven't heard of them yet you soon will. All of them have great ideas, fantastic funding and they're out to change the world.

Finally we pick the Best of British

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