Big data does conception: Ovuline's curious sex map

The number one medical app on iTunes, Ovia, uses big data to help women get pregnant. Parent company Ovuline just released a user data sex map showing conservative states lead in "getting it on" to win the baby race.

Big data fertility company Ovuline just released an interesting set of metrics on its American users' sexual activity. 

Its app, Ovia, is the top medical app on iTunes. Ovuline has published a sex map with user's sexual activity data, ranking Idaho as the state having the most sexytime for making babies, with Washington DC coming in last.

Overall, conservative states are leading the race to mate in the US and are getting it on more (in the name of conception, anyway) than liberal states.


The data ranking is based on sex being had specifically for reproduction. These people are trying to make a baby, so we in California can relax about being left out — Ovuline's nifty interactive sex map isn't about the amount of recreational sex (sex for fun!) in the US.

Ovuline's data comes from its hundreds of thousands of users, and the users' 4.4 million instances of sex. These users are trying to get pregnant, so record their sexual health activity and information daily.

Ovuline's data map shows that when trying to conceive, people have sex an average of 6.10 days per month (73.2 days per year). 

According to Ovuline's data, people have the most sex in Idaho (seven days per month), they have the least sex in Washington, DC (4.62 days per month), and posits the Northwest region is the most sexually active area in the US.

The top five states (highest to lowest):

  1. Idaho: 7 days
  2. Vermont: 6.94 days
  3. Nebraska: 6.92 days
  4. Wyoming: 6.9 days
  5. Iowa: 6.83 days 

The bottom five states (lowest to highest):

  1. Washington DC: 4.62 days
  2. Mississippi: 5.27 days
  3. New York: 5.53 days
  4. Kentucky: 5.62 days
  5. Delaware: 5.7 days

Ovuline CEO Paris Wallace told ZDNet:

"With our data, we’re answering longstanding questions around what’s normal when trying to get pregnant. How much sex is typical? Does where a person live affect how much sex they have?"

These questions paint a different picture of sex in the US than the usual headlines about "fap maps" — also from companies turning user data into interesting press.

PornHub is most famous for spinning out these maps (not-safe-for-work), focusing their maps on user searches for adult material. They've figured out just about every way possible to spin the metrics, but in regard to Ovuline, data to make a "babby" and data to fap make for interesting comparisons.

Of PornHub's total 14.7 million users in 2013, Mississippi spent the most amount of time on the site while Rhode Island spent the least.

Mississippi and Idaho (both top for sexual activity for conception and masturbation) are both red states. In fact, Gallup rated both states as the most conservative after Wyoming in the US.

DC and Rhode Island (with lowest sexual activity vis-à-vis tech users) are blue states, and DC is considered the most liberal state in the US.

What does it all mean?

That's for you — and hopefully a lot of privacy advocates — to decide.

In light of recent headlines about a woman who had to go to shocking extremes to keep data resellers from find out she was pregnant, ZDNet asked Ovuline about its user data privacy practices.

Sarah Downey, Director of Marketing and Content at Ovuline said:

"Ovuline uses use industry best practices in keeping our servers and data secure. The apps are HIPPA-compliant, which isn't required for health apps, but we do it as an added protection for our users."

"When we show statistics about other Ovia users, they come from aggregate data stores and don’t identify people personally. The data in the sex map takes instances of sex and combines them into state groups; there's nothing else that would identify that a specific person had sex at a specific time. We sometimes publish insights like these to show the health research we're doing."

Since we last interviewed Downey in "How To Remove Yourself from People Search Websites" we're thinking Ovuline means it. And that's good news, no matter what state you're having sex in — or not.

Sorry, DC.

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