Big Data releases: MapR M7, 1010data v6 ship; MapR gets LucidWorks search

MapR optimizes HBase and starts distributing Lucene-powered search. SaaS data discovery provider 1010data ships new version.

Hot on the heels of yesterday's releases from Cloudera, Splunk 10gen, Basho and SoftLayer , come more releases today from Hadoop distribution provider MapR and cloud data warehouse and data discovery provider 1010data.

MapR's M3 and M5 Hadoop distros are perhaps best known for providing a non-immutable network file system in place of the standard Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) implmentation.  MapR Hadoop is also known for its cloud availability, on Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) and Google Compute Engine. In March, MapR announced that its Hadoop bits would be distributed with Ubuntu Linux .

This one goes to M7
Today MapR is announcing the general availability of its new M7 distribution, which includes a re-engineered version of the HBase wide column store NoSQL database.  Essentially, M7's HBase implementation makes it far more practical for operational workloads, due in part to MapR's underlying read/write file system as well as optimizations to the HBase code itself.  (I covered these enhancements , back in October when MapR announced the Beta release of M7.)

MapR is also announcing a partnership with LucidWorks, a company which says it employs one fourth of the core committers to the Apache Lucene/Solr project.  That project provides popular, powerful open source search capabilities across numerous technology platforms, including HDFS.  MapR will include the LucidWorks suite (which includes added functionality over the vanilla Lucene/Solr code) with its Hadoop distribution, making it possible to query Hadoop through plain-language search in addition to Hive's HiveQL and Pig's "Pig Latin" query languages and, of course, MapReduce code written in Java.

LucidWorks' integration with MapR's M3 and M5 distros is available now, as a Beta.  The company says that LucidWorks will be integrated with M7 sometime next quarter.

All data, all the time
1010data is a cloud-based data warehouse, data visualization and data discovery solution.  The product uses columnar database technology and a spreadsheet-like user interface to facilitate self-service analysis by business users over large volumes of data (the company calls it the "trillion row spreadsheet").

1010data, which has been in business for 13 years, and whose customers include the New York Stock Exchange, Rite Aid and Dollar General, is today releasing version 6 of its product.  The new version includes an enhanced user interface; a new version of 1010data's data-integration tool; improved in-database analytics; new machine learning functions; a "Quick App Builder;" and a new customer administration portal.

Big (Data) news cycle
I'm not exactly certain why there have been so many new product, partner and release announcements this week (and Teradata and Tibco just added another one).  But certainly, there seems a real urgency to make Big Data technology more capable, more accessible, and more integrated with other tools.  And there's nothing wrong with that.


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