Big Data skills in Brazil: hire or nurture your own?

The need to have advanced data analytics skills in house is becoming ever more acute for line of business managers in Brazil - but how and where can you source that knowledge?

As Big Data goes beyond a mere business buzzword and starts becoming a priority for line of business managers across Brazil, a key point of concern is related to expertise . Who can these companies turn to for help?

When it comes to advanced data analytics expertise, only 20 percent of Brazilian businesses have skilled professionals in-house to meet those demands, while 12 percent are being trained. But 68 percent said they lack people with the required knowledge.

"Today there are very few skill resources available in the market and new roles, such as the data scientist, will become crucial. Organizations have two options: either they train their staff in-house - which will be a tough journey - or hire experienced consultants within their preferred technology partners, which seem to be the most viable option at present," says Roberto Gutierrez, head of the IDC Brazil consulting practice.

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