Big Jambox delivers more portable sound in a slick package

I enjoy using my Jambox with my phones and home projector to enjoy high quality audio. Jawbone's new Jambox delivers even more sound in a larger form factor speaker accessory.

I thoroughly enjoy using my Jawbone Jambox and actually just gave my oldest daughter a charity:water Jambox for her 18th birthday so she could have some decent sound in her college dorm room. I received news last night that Jawbone is launching a much larger version of the Jambox as the Big Jambox for $100 more, priced at $299.99.

If the Big Jambox sounds anything like the original one on a larger scale then it should be a fantastic wireless speaker option. The quality of the original Jambox is fantastic and this new Big Jambox looks to have the same design elements. You can buy it in graphite hex, white wave, or red dot color and texture options. The new Big Jambox adds buttons for previous, next, and play/pause when compared to the original Jambox.

The Big Jambox dimensions are 10 x 3.1 x 3.6 inches and 2.7 pounds while the original Jambox dimensions are 5.95 x 2.24 x 1.57 inches and 12 ounces. I have a home stereo system and don't really have a need for a larger Jambox, but if you are looking for a mobile speaker to enjoy your music in a larger venue then this looks to be a good option.

The Big Jambox will be available on 15 May at AT&T, Sprint, Best Buy, and