Bing adds Facebook data to search results

Microsoft's search engine has incorporated Facebook 'liked results' into its search offering, highlighting sites that a user's friends have publicly shared

Microsoft's Bing has integrated Facebook 'liked results' into its search offering, highlighting links that people's friends have publicly shared or liked.

The move is the result of Microsoft's partnership with Facebook and illustrates how search is trying to be more social. Bing draws in Facebook information while Google integrates Twitter in results. The big question for Google is whether it can have social results without Facebook.

"This is the first time in human history that people are leaving social traces that machines can read and learn from, and present enhanced online experiences based on those traces," Microsoft's Bing team explained in a blog post. "As people spend more time online and integrate their offline and online worlds, they will want their friends' social activity and their social data to help them in making better decisions. Integrating with Twitter data 16 months ago was one step, and exploring Facebook's rich streams is another."

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