Bing continues to slowly gain search market share while Google sees a drop

As the months pass, Bing continues to gain market share over Google in the search market. Here are February 2011's numbers.

Compete has reported their numbers for February 2011's search market share and the results are interesting. To quote their post:


- With fewer days in February, search query volume across the 5 engines was down nearly 12% MOM.

- The trend for search market share continues with Google losing incremental share (-0.7ppt), while Bing continues to gain share (+1.0ppt).

- All engines except Bing experienced a decline in unique visitors in February, with Bing seeing a 7.6% increase in UVs MOM.

- Bing Powered engines (Yahoo! and Bing) continued to increase its share of market to 30.8%.

- Both ASK and AOL’s share remained flat from January to February.


Other companies may provide sets of data that paint a different picture, but if these numbers are accurate, we may well start paying more attention to Bing as SEOs in the not-so-distant future. I'm all for competition and I've maintained time-and-time again that Bing only continues to better itself (which this data clearly supports).

Psst. Hey, Google! Looks like no matter how much or how well you copy Bing's UI ideas, they're still doing it better than you! I kid, I kid. ;) Be sure to visit their post to see a screen shot of the data they provide and feel free to harp away with your opinions below!

Do you think Bing will ever overtake Google as the premier search engine of choice for searchers? What can Google do to get themselves out of the market share slump they're currently in?

Update: It appears as though Compete's numbers are in line with comScore's numbers. Thanks to Mary Jo Foley for the link.