Bing doesn't like Google all that much, either

Google's search suggestions for Windows 8 are like a treasure map for haters. But guess what Bing users see when they begin typing Google-related searches?

My colleague Larry Dignan served up an amusing post  this morning, highlighting the caustic autocomplete suggestions that Google offers when Google users search for terms that begin with “Windows 8.” (Seriously, read it—it’s hilarious.)

Of course, two can play that game.

Here are the suggestions that were offered a few moments ago for some searches I made on Microsoft’s Bing search engine involving Google and its flagship products:


What I found most interesting about those Google results was that virtually all of the suggested searches consisted of ways to validate a preexisting opinion about Windows 8. Now that the operating system has been released, you can expect the bulk of searches to change to people looking for troubleshooting help.

Updated to add: I don't think any of these searches on either side are "rigged." People go to search engines to find help when they are having problems or to find support when they are trying to defend an argument. Google's products have been out for a while. Windows 8 is new. The results are perfectly understandable.

And amusing. Which does not make them indicative of any greater truth.

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