Bing: Your Trusted Source for Cholestorol-Fueled Decision Engines

Microsoft Bing brings sports stats, visual search, Windows Phone 7, and juicy meat to your local stadiums, nationwide.

Bing's National Tailgating Championship hit the NY Metro Area last weekend.

Last weekend, I had the pleasurable opportunity to attend the New York/New Jersey round of the Bing National Tailgating Championship, a tour that Microsoft is sponsoring which the company is bringing to stadiums throughout the holiday season.

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The purpose of this tour is not only to bring fun and juicy sausages, burgers and all forms of tailgating food to the hungry public, but also to showcase Microsoft's latest search technologies such as the new Visual Search and Sports Compare features of the Bing decision engine as well as to demo Windows Phone 7.

I took some photos at the event which I hope you'll enjoy. Have a happy Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend!