Bioelectric bandage zaps infection

The US Army has begun testing a bandage that carries an electric current to improve wound healing and prevent infection.

The US Army has taken interest in the next generation of bandages. By embedding zinc and silver particles into cloth, Arizona-based biotech Vomaris created a bioelectric bandage that helps heal wounds faster and prevent infection.

The 1.2 volts of electricity spread across the wound through the bandage helps cells move to the damaged areas and promote healing. Additionally, the silver acts as an antibiotic.

The bandages and tech were first approved by the Food and Drug Administration and, after positive reports from doctors, the Army is doing its own round of testing to see if they’re worth investing in to bring to the battlefield.

Studies are underway with Ranger units. Recently, at a Ranger road march, a considerable number of Soldiers obtained blisters and were treated with the bandage. The results were notable, as many Soldiers reported dramatic pain relief and the ability to quickly return to the march… As a broad-spectrum antimicrobial flexible dressing with electrically active currents providing pain control, the device could have huge potential for the Army if testing scientific testing bears out anecdotal claims.

Photo: US Army

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