Biometric banks and borders backed by consumers

'Security threats need biometrics'
Written by Gemma Simpson, Contributor

'Security threats need biometrics'

Consumers have voiced their support for biometrics as new security systems using the technology are being rolled out at UK airports.

More than 90 per cent of UK consumers and approximately two-thirds of US consumers said they want banks, credit card companies, health providers and government bodies to adopt biometric technologies more than other protection methods - such as smartcard readers or passwords - to verify personal identities, new research has revealed.

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The majority of consumers in the UK (87 per cent) and the US (63 per cent) said financial and government institutions are not doing enough to stop the rise in identity fraud and to protect personal information, according to a survey from IT vendor Unisys.

Consumers are also concerned the current security processes at airports and borders are inadequate, which is likely to result in even more widespread adoption of biometrics within these areas, said Unisys.

Nearly 85 per cent of US consumers believe their country's border security is inadequate, despite the fact all air travel to or within the US has since 2004 required passengers to undergo biometric inspection.

Two-thirds of US consumers said they would have more trust in airport security abroad if biometric systems were in place.

Biometric security measures are already in place at Manchester Airport, and Birmingham Airport opened its own biometric facilities yesterday.

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