Bit9 + Carbon Black join Facebook's ThreatExchange project

The endpoint security firm will be adding its own threat data to Facebook's project.


Bit9 + Carbon Black has announced the company will be working alongside tech giants and security firms on Facebook's ThreatExchange platform to share information on today's cybercriminals and digital threats.

The ThreatExchange project is a platform for companies to share threat data. Dropbox, Pinterest, PayPal, Microsoft and Facebook are only some of 100-odd firms which contribute to the project.

On Thursday, Mark Hammell, manager of the Threat Infrastructure team at Facebook, said Bit9 + Carbon Black will be joining the scheme. The next-generation endpoint security (NGES) company offers enterprise security solutions and technology, catering for companies including Dell SecureWorks, EY, Optiv and Fortune 100 companies -- and now will share its research and findings with the community at large.

ThreatExchange is built on existing Facebook infrastructure with layered APIs that can be used to query available threat data and also includes privacy controls which allow submitters to control who sees published information.

The social media giant says the goal of ThreatExchange is "for organizations everywhere to learn from each other's discoveries and experiences, so you don't have to try to solve problems someone else has already tackled."

Starting today, Carbon Black will share threat data on the platform, and Carbon Black customers can also choose to integrate Facebook's threat intelligence into their infrastructure if they wish.

Users can access the "Traffic Light Protocol White" (TLP White) data, which includes malicious domain names, IPs and hashes, and can also connect to access additional information using their own credentials.

The company says the combination of their own data and Facebook's gathered intelligence will result in improved detection capabilities and a "dramatic" reduction in incident response times.

"We are stronger together," said Ben Johnson, Bit9 + Carbon Black's chief security strategist. "The Facebook ThreatExchange continues the industry movement toward unified defense. Through sharing intelligence and other cyber-defense knowledge, especially through automated means, our community as a whole is much stronger and better able to protect vital information."

This week, Facebook rolled out a new notifications tab on the social network app in response to a predicted uptake of access through mobile devices.

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