BitFury commits to liquid cooling

It's the largest data center deployment yet using 3M Novec cooling fluid.

When Bitcoin miner and infrastructure provider BitFury Group acquired liquid cooling provider Allied Control it was clear that BitFury was serious about investing in data center technology. Though half of its existing data centers were up and running in Iceland, where free air cooling is a matter of course, expansion plans in other parts of the world, combined with the huge power requirements for the ASIC-based mining systems, made liquid cooling a leading candidate for its next generation data centers.

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As we speculated in coverage of the announcement of its next set of data centers in Georgia, BitFury has acknowledged that its new facility will make use of Allied Control's two-phase immersion cooling (2PIC) While other immersion cooling providers, such a Green Revolution Cooling, use basic mineral oil as he immersion media, the 2PIC system from Allied Control makes use of 3M Novec Engineered Fluid, a custom designed immersion coolant with a low boiling point optimized for 2PIC style immersion cooling.

In this environment, the low boiling point of the fluid means it rapidly turns to vapor, carrying the heat of the submerged components with it to the water-cooled condenser coil, which then uses gravity to drop the fluid back into the immersion tank. This method requires no pumps to circulate the fluid, adding to the efficiency of the cooling solution.

The design goal for the start-up of the 40 MW BitFury data center in Georgia is specifying 250 KW per rack, with the potential to draw even more power as BitFuy continues to develop higher performance ASIC designs for bitcoin mining. This is more than 10 times the power per rack supported in most high-end data centers and makes the additional cost of the immersion cooling technology and specialized cooling fluids much more practical.