Bizelo assembles cloud app collection for small businesses

The developer is playing to small-business owners' preference for focused, discrete software that addresses specific operational and administrative needs.

Cloud software startup Bizelo is hoping to reconcile the tendency of small businesses to invest in compact best-of-breed software applications with their desire to consolidate purchasing.

The developer is doing this by creating a collection of small-business applications that are focused on very specific business functions. The applications, which are priced at $25 per month, can be snapped together or bundled over time for cost and resource efficiencies, said Bizelo founder Ron Schmelzer.

"The market has conditioned people to think about discrete functionality," he said. "When you need some functionality, you go and get it."

At least, that's the plan, since most of Bizelo's planned applications actually aren't available yet officially, based on its Web site status.

The first focus of the developer is online retail businesses. Its eRetail Inventory Management application is already available; supporting Shopify, Magento, eBay, Vend, 3dCart, CartKeeper, and Etsy online commerce platforms. The focus of the application is keeping inventory synchronized across multiple stores. It offers pick, pack and ship features, as well as in-depth reporting. Supply Management, Returns Management and Accounting Sync applications are being added soon, and you can sign up for a beta version if you're interested. The accounting app will integrate with QuickBooks, FreshBooks and Xero.

Bizelo is also building software to help veterinarians (and other animal and pet care companies), construction and contracting businesses, and field services operations that need to automate dispatching and scheduling. The company is working with partners in some of the vertical markets to help pick the most focused, yet simplest, applications, Schmelzer said. 

Bizelo hopes to have 12 applications live by March 2013. The currently offers 14-day free trials for its software.