BizTweet social media software helps London airport smash communications targets

London City Airport has become the first airport in the world to send more than 10,000 tweets in a single month using BizTweet software to automate its outbound communications.

Companies often need to make high-volume social communication decisions at busy times and have to employ more staff to keep up with the demand.

Currently, companies manually craft every Twitter response to customers, automate generic broadcasts or simply ignore customer questions and issues.

Cork, Ireland based technology company TIC focuses on the airline and hotel industries. Its product, BizTweet is a social decision software product that uses Twitter.

It processes operational, and commercial tweets for a number of airports around the world.

The software automates messages, enabling staff to concentrate on providing a more individual social media experience for the customer.

The software means that companies can communicate automatically with their customers and reduce the manpower required to manage social media accounts.

It allows them to pre-define messages based on passenger configurable data such as flight details and/or their social profile, and communicate directly to the passenger.

This means that airlines and airports can communicate real-time relevant information to their travellers with minimal resource.

Companies can segment their customer base depending on their customer's data. Once segmented into niche groups, pre-configured tweets are defined and tweeted to customers based on the passenger's specific flight.

The passenger receives personalised flight information and airport offers, relevant to them, based on to their own individual social profile.

BizTweet sent over 12,000 tweets during May 2016 meaning London City Airport smashed the record for the amount of tweets sent by airports in a month.

Containing real-time operational messages for passengers' specific flights, delivered direct to their Wi-Fi device, the airport sent an average of 387 tweets per day - or one tweet every 3.75 minutes.

During May 2016, BizTweet processed around one in five tweets by airports around the world. The world's airports sent a total of 85,524 tweets, with airports using BizTweet sending 17,061 tweets during this period.

Paul Brugger, Founder and C.E.O. of TIC, said, "It just shows how important a tool the software is - and not just for airports, but businesses as a whole to help them increase their effectiveness and communicate with their customers in a timely manner.

We are certain that this is just the tip of the iceberg, and as our customers rely on BizTweet more and more, that total of 12,000 tweets will become a common occurrence."

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