Blackberry adds Yahoo services

With so many government employees using Blackberries, latest RIM-Yahoo deal worth a look.

Blackberry maker Research in Motion has cut a substantial deal with Yahoo to provide access to Yahoo information services over the device so prevalent in government agencies. Does that mean more employees will have better, mobile access to information, or just that more sports scores and chess games can be played? Reuters report the deal includes Yahoo search, e-mail, instant messaging, and news, and the service starts rolling out in 60 countries in about two weeks.

The two companies, who already offer a limited Yahoo service, did not say how much the deal is worth, but Marco Boerries, senior vice-president of Yahoo Connected Life, described it as "significant."

"The cool thing about this is that in the same way we now seamlessly connect personal communications, your personal address book to the BlackBerry, we also connect personal information you are already using on Yahoo, like sports, news or weather."