BlackBerry App World beats Android and Nokia; Is the Apple App Store unstoppable?

BlackBerry App Store is in second place in mobile application store revenue behind leading Apple's App Store, according to figures released today. Is Apple's mobile dominance unstoppable?

IHS reports state that while Apple is still wiping the floor with the rest of the mobile market in application market sales, BlackBerry is in second place overtaking both Android and Nokia.

While the battle for younger users is between the iPhone and BlackBerry handsets, these figures show that iPhone users buy and download the most applications. Though BlackBerry users in a far away second place downloading even more applications as they become available.

In short, while it does not show a direct correlation between Apple and BlackBerry users and application sales through their respective application stores, it does show Apple's dominance in the market.

Granted, the Apple App Store is in clear first place with 82% of all revenue, raking in over $1.78 billion in 2010, with BlackBerry taking second place at 7% and $165 million.

Even though Android is the world's most used mobile operating system, with a staggering 350,000 Android applications per day, it shows that the Android Market is falling behind all the major players - even Nokia.

But crucially, as BlackBerry, Nokia and Android users are year on year buying and downloading more applications, iPhone users are slowing down.

Once Nokia and Microsoft close the deal and the Windows Phone Marketplace and the Ovi Store is combined, this will further dent the figures. Though truth be told, the merger will probably hit the BlackBerry maker Research in Motion more than the Apple.

Is Apple's App Store unstoppable?