BlackBerry Balance to split work and personal: Spring release expected

BlackBerry Balance allows you to keep the corporate security for work, but the social experience of your personal life. Expected in Spring.

Research in Motion is currently testing its new product, Balance, on networks around North America, dubbed for release in Spring.

BlackBerry Balance will allow existing BlackBerry handheld users to seamlessly switch between work and personal modes; keeping the security and corporate mechanisms for enterprise users but permitting personal email and social networking as well.

Currently, users can use either personal BlackBerry Internet Service which works with Yahoo!, Hotmail and other POP/IMAP accounts, or BlackBerry Enterprise Server, reserved for the bourgeoisie corporate world.

As work and personal life become increasingly overlapped, it became apparent a solution was needed to allow personal users to keep their BlackBerry for both the work environment but also at home.

While President Obama reluctantly gave up his BlackBerry as he took the presidency, the Generation Y smartphone users are less permissive.

As BlackBerry devices become increasingly popular with younger consumers, it was inevitable at some point the device manufacturers would have to give in to demand.

Would you prefer separate phones for work and personal, or does Balance fit the bill?