BlackBerry bug continues to brick handsets

Charging the handset overnight can brick a Bold 9900/9930.

Some BlackBerry users have been plagued by a bug that causes the handset to be bricked since November 2011, and there's still no fix in sight.

The bug, which is an odd one, affects 9900 and 9930 handsets (the 9930 is the CDMA version of the 9900). The problem seems to occur when the handset discharges down to less than 10% and is then charged overnight. This simple (and quite normal) action bricks the handset permanently.

RIM acknowledged the existence of this bug back in November, claiming that a 'limited number of customers have reported an issue where their device does not power on.'

That was November 2011. It's now January 2012 and there's no fix and RIM's support forums are filling up with more and more customer complaints.

Some owners are understandably upset. Here's a comment from George_Smith:

I could have flushed 6 crisp $100 bills down the toilet for the same level of satisfaction I have gotten with the BB Bold.

And we wonder why RIM is in trouble.