BlackBerry Dev Alpha device and BB World demos show RIM isn't out of the game yet

RIM needs to do something soon and if we see them launch BB OS 10 this year with hardware similar to the Dev Alpha device then I think they are still in the game and may even take the third spot behind iOS and Android.

Back in March, RIM announced their offer to developers attending the BlackBerry 10 Jam and with BlackBerry World kicking off today we get our first glimpse of a pretty amazing device over at We saw some leaks of the BlackBerry London device in January and after seeing this developer device I have to say RIM may not yet be out of the smartphone game.

Windows Phone is a great OS, but consumers still don't seem to be picking them up in large numbers so the third platform after iOS and Android is still up for grabs. RIM's share has been going down lately and something must be done by the end of the year for them to stay relevant. I am very impressed with what I have seen so far from BlackBerry World and if RIM can actually deliver BB OS 10 and hardware before the end of the year then the smartphone market will continue to be dynamic and exciting.

The new BB OS 10 keyboard and camera functionality look amazing. The ability to take a photo and then have the software go back in time to when the person had a smile or open eyes and then use this in the capture image is slick.