BlackBerry launches OTA software updates for vehicle makers

Mobile software updates lend a hand to vehicles.

Blackberry is retooling its software update delivery systems for the auto industry, with the launch of a new service that allows manufacturers to issue over the air (OTA) updates to cars' onboard systems.

The OTA service, expected to be available in the coming months, will allow car makers to send updates, new applications and status updates on the functional systems in a vehicle.

BlackBerry's Software Update Management for Automotive Service, launched on Wednesday, will use the company's existing infrastructure to enable manufacturers to send software updates to a vehicle's electrical control units and infotainment systems.

According to Blackberry, the OTA service will work regardless of the mobile network, and customers' hardware, OS, software and applications.

Some car manufacturers are already using OTA updates to make improvements to their vehicles, including electric car maker Tesla and Audi. Owners of the German-made cars with Audi Connect will get a new parking assistance system in an OTA scheduled for Wednesday, according to CNET.