BlackBerry Messenger not porting to iOS; At least... not yet

Research in Motion is not bringing BlackBerry Messenger to iOS devices, discounting reports heard on the web. But they're not ruling it out completely.

One story starts, and others follow. It seems to be a false rumour that was started by a now banned member of MacRumours.

After speaking with Research in Motion earlier today, the company will not be bringing BlackBerry Messenger to the iOS platform, at least any time soon.

The claim was made by a student who said that Jim Balsillie, chief executive of the BlackBerry manufacturer, Research in Motion, who said that Balsillie announced it at a social media conference in Toronto.

Turns out, he was never there, nor did the social media conference exist in the first place.

However, the answers I was given, along with others, does not rule out the potential for it to happen at some point at least in the future.

While Android users will benefit from having a slimmed down, not-as-secure version of BlackBerry Messenger for their platform, it will allow the scope for BlackBerry users to talk with others on other platforms.

Wishful thinking, though? The lesson here isn't not to lie, but at least to do it convincingly and fact check when you do.