BlackBerry OS 7 not compatible with current phone models, RIM says

Owners of the current generation of BlackBerry phones won't be happy to hear that their phones will never see the latest version of BlackBerry OS.

News of device updates is, with few exceptions, good news. But when RIM announced the BlackBerry 7 OS at BlackBerry World 2011 this morning, the news was joined with a major caveat: The BlackBerry's newest upgrade won't come with support for RIM's not-so-new phones.

Instead, RIM says that the update will be available exclusively for newer devices like the recently-announced Bold 9900/9939 phones.  This, the company says, is almost entirely hardware related: BlackBerry OS 7 is so dependent on the graphics capabilities of the new phones that it would be far too great a feat to run it on older, slower models.

That, of course, may sound like a whole lot of bunk to current BlackBerry owners who will miss out on the upgrade's new features, which include improved browsing, voice-activated search, and support for HTML 5 video. To those complaints, RIM will likely offer a simple solution: Pick up a new BlackBerry. Whether or not RIM customers will follow that advice is entirely up to them.

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