BlackBerry phones could get Android app compatibility in 2012

RIM's upcoming QNX BlackBerry phones could come with a big feature: the ability to run Android apps.

Could the Blackberry soon follow the PlayBook's lead and gain the ability to run Android apps?

That's the story according to Bloomberg, which says that RIM's QNX phones could be seeing the functionality as soon as early 2012. The report says that the move is a result of RIM's desire to boost the sagging sales of its phones. With the the Android Market currently boasting over 250,000 apps,  the move would be a smart one if RIM is serious about increasing the appeal of its phones.

Of course, the move is also an admittance on RIM's part that the PlayBook's ecosystem doesn't exactly fill the current demand for extensive app offerings. So let's hope RIM fills out its own app selection as well.


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