Blackberry's new domain names fuel Android OS speculation

Blackberry has reportedly purchased the domain names and


Blackberry has reportedly purchased two new domain names this week that seem to suggest the handset maker is preparing to release a mainstream Android smartphone.

According to Reuters, Blackberry bought the domain names and currently redirects to a site for Blackberry-secured Android mobility in the enterprise.

But according to the report, Blackberry is downplaying the domain name purchases.

"BlackBerry frequently registers domain names to support the breadth of our cross-platform portfolio," Blackberry wrote in an emailed statement to Reuters. "Android is an important part of our cross-platform enterprise software strategy."

A combination of factors are contributing to the fierce speculation that Blackberry will finally break away from its own operating system and embrace Google's widely used Android platform.

For one, Blackberry CEO John Chen has remained mum on the subject, only saying he would consider using Android if his company was able to secure it. Meanwhile, the tech press has lit up in recent weeks with reports that Blackberry will indeed utilize Android on several phone models.

Last month, another Reuters story reported that BlackBerry was considering releasing an Android-powered slider handset, while leaked renders of the BlackBerry Venice running Android appeared from industry tipster Evan Blass (pictured above).

Of course speculation is just that -- at least for now. But it would make some sense for Blackberry, as the company could potentially use Android to boost its revenue from hardware instead of relying on just software and services.

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