Bleeding edge: Google brings Chrome Dev browser to Android

You can get a jump on what Google will bring to its mobile browser by installing the new Chrome Dev app; handy for those that test and build web apps or sites.

Want to get an early glimpse at how Google is maturing its mobile browser? You can do that as of Wednesday by installing Chrome Dev on your Android phone or tablet.

Google announced availability of the new browser app on its official Chrome Releases blog and made the app ready for download in the Google Play Store.

Google Chrome browser

The company has long had multiple versions, or channels, of its Chrome browser. There's the Canary channel which is the least stable of the bunch, for example, as it could be updated several times a day. The Developer Channel is a step up in terms of stability and less frequent updates. After that is the Beta Channel of Chrome where tested features from the Dev channel graduate to, and lastly, is the most commonly used version: the Stable Channel.

The new Chrome Dev app joins Chrome Beta and the generally available Chrome browser in the Play Store.

Why would you want to install the new Chrome Dev app, or the Chrome Beta version, for that matter?

If you're designing mobile web sites or apps, you can get an feel for how they'll work on phones or tablets as Google revises the browser. And Google is always adding new features, which migrate up over time through the various channels; you can get early looks at these too.

Since each of the different Chrome browser channels are separate apps, you can install them independently on your Android device. There's no reason you couldn't have all three versions installed since they're separate browser apps.

Most Android device owners are likely to just stick with the stable version of Chrome, of course, but if you want an earlier peek behind the Chrome curtain to see what's coming down the pike, Google just made it a lot easier.