Blind Israeli hacking brothers baffle authorities

Proof that truth is stranger than fiction

A pair of blind computer-mavericks from Israel have been detained and charged with cracking into the Israeli Defence Force radio station using customised braille and voice-activated gadgetry.

Munther and Muzhir Badir have been blind since birth but have developed such computer expertise that by their late teens they were running their own unconventional consulting agency.

Israeli prosecutors accuse the Badirs of remotely accessing the radio station switchboard in order to make free long-distance phone calls. The Defence Force's newly formed cybercrime unit remains baffled by the Badir brothers' activities however. When asked how this could have been done, a spokesperson reported commented: "It could be done with God's help, otherwise it's impossible."

However, Munther Badir, undaunted by his own disability or even the fact that he is already in custody, defied the Israeli police saying: "The cop who can catch me hasn't been born."

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