Blockbuster continues assault on rooted Android devices

Due to DRM concerns, owners of rooted Droid Charge phones won't be able to enjoy the Blockbuster app on the phone. Should Android users be concerned?

Life is starting to get a bit harder owners of rooted Android phones and tablets.

What started with Android 3.1 and Google's recently-announced movie rental service is being contuined by the Droid Charge version of Blockbuster's Android app. According to users of rooted Droid Charge phones, attempting to watch movies on the Blockbuster app evokes the following message:

"Tamper detected: Device detected as rooted. This device will not be able to download or playback Wildevine encrypted content."

Wildevine is the DRM-management company Google purchased last December. The appearance of the message above comes not long after rooted Xoom owners realized that their tablets would not be comptable with Google's movie rental service. Both moves are especially unsettling for Android users, who buy Android devices with the impression that they will have complete control over them. Google, it seems, doesn't exactly agree.

[Via DroidLife]