Blu-ray BD+ copy protection defeated?

Has the Blu-ray BD+ copy protection mechanism been defeated? SlySoft claims that it has.

Has the Blu-ray BD+ copy protection mechanism been defeated? This press release by SlySoft seems to indicate that it has:

AnyDVD goes AACS MKBv4

SlySoft was recently honoured by AACS-LA, being declared as public enemy number one in the ongoing battle for copyright protection.

To prove them right and to take on the challenge, SlySoft has just released the latest AnyDVD version which beats the latest 4th generation HD-DVD and BluRay copy protection MKBv4, which was expected to be unbreakable.

All that AACS-LA has to offer now is BD+, but even that is on the verge of being circumvented and a release is expected by the end of this year. James Wong, Head of development at SlySoft: "We already found a way to crack BD+ and we have just turned to fine-tuning. I should really think about hiring a bodyguard now, since this product won't please everybody."

Giancarlo Bettini, CEO of SlySoft: "One could start feeling sorry for the poor movie industry guys, but in the end, it saves their jobs and ours. Actually, they could be grateful and show a little bit more appreciation. Beating AACS-LA's protection was a challenge that we accepted passionately, since winning feels a lot better if the opponent is almost as strong as we are. However, I wonder when people will understand that more restrictions, pressure and protections that prevent things from working won't generate more but less revenue. Microsoft's revenue in the 90ies prove us right and even Apple recently released a DRM-free iTunes version."

If BD+ is busted, then it's game over for high definition copy protection and fair use is guaranteed, which isn't a bad thing when you think about it.