Blue Jeans video conferencing goes big in the cloud

Up to 100 people can now dial in at once for a video conference on cloud-based conferencing platform, Blue Jeans Network, which has upped its offering from a 25 participant capacity and introduced new record and share features.

Cloud-based video conferencing platform, Blue Jeans Network, announced today that it had upped its capacity from 25 participants in a single meeting to 100 people at one time.

According to Blue Jeans, all attendees are able to participate via audio and video with up to the nine most recent speakers featured on the screen.

The Silicon Valley-headquartered company has also added new record and share features to its platform, allowing participants to record video, audio, and web meetings, and also share recordings with colleagues, partners, and customers.

For Stu Aaron, the company's chief commercial officer, the new features and heightened capacity have been introduced to the platform in a bid to accommodate the rise in multi-media online collaboration and its associated technology demands.

"The legacy presentation-centric web conferencing tools just aren't cutting it any more as people are developing a preference for face-to-face, video-centric collaboration," said Aaron. "That's been our strength all along. And now, with our new recording and large meetings capabilities, we've made the all-in-one experience even better for our customers.

"There is a fundamental shift happening in the marketplace with increasing demand for a single tool to manage all kinds of business collaboration cohesively. Businesses are clamoring for an easy way to connect and collaborate over audio and video, and share multi-media content across all their platforms from mobile devices, to desktops and laptops, to conference rooms," he said.

Blue Jeans has also rolled out several audio enhancements and moderator controls to accommodate the larger meeting capacity, including an auto-mute feature, which places any participant who joins a meeting into an initial muted state to not disturb the rest of the meeting.

While the 75 person boost in simultaneous online meeting capacity is new to the Blue Jeans platform, there are several other players in the market also claiming to support up to 100 people at once.

Online conferencing platform, Fast Viewer, claims that up to 100 people can meet in a video conference interactive meeting room, with the facility for eight people at a time to transmit their video image at the same time.

Meanwhile, online conferencing platform, Fuze, supports up to 12 high-definition video conferencing streams and up to 250 audio participants at one time and Adobe's Connect platform allows 100 people to connect at one time.