BMC simplifies mundane IT support procedures

Sometimes the most mundane things can make a huge difference in the way staff works with the company's IT department.

BMC has launched new MyIT, AppZone, and Remedyforce apps that retool the user experience to revolve around social, mobile and gamification. My colleague, Larry Dignan, tells how BMC sees them as an improvement of several of its products that were designed to help staff communicate better with the company's IT support staff and get easier access to company-supplied applications. It helps staff members assist one another to resolve day-to-day problems without having to wait for very busy support staff to respond.

Tools make work simpler

BMC launches new MyIT, AppZone, Remedyforce apps, UI

The releases serve as another indication that enterprise software vendors are stepping up their focus on user interface and experience.

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Since Larry's story does a great job listing the components of the announcement, I plan to comment on the product demonstration that Troy Cline, corporate architect and vice president at BMC Software presented. The new software addresses common, everyday issues that staff members complain about. The new tools will be able to quickly and easily report a problem; get help by using a forum-like software solution; schedule the use of conference rooms and equipment; and download and install applications from a corporate "App store."

Although this set of tools could really help medium and large organizations create a much more productive environment, it all looked pretty mundane. Nothing to get excited about I thought at first. But as I watched Troy use the software, it was easy to see that while it was doing pretty mundane things that often cause a great deal of irritation, the software made it easy to address difficult IT support problems.

I'd suggest looking past the bland appearance of these tools and see them for what they really are, something that could make a staff member's life a lot better.