BMW expands parking service

BMW is looking to improve its ParkNow mobile parking service.

BMW is expanding the capabilities of its ParkNow urban parking service .

BMW i Ventures, which invests in e-mobility, navigation, parking, and carsharing ventures, announced a partnership with NOW! Innovations, which has developed a flexible billing and payment platform for parking services.

"The current scope of our ParkNow service is off-street parking. With the on-street capabilities of Now! Innovations we will soon be able to strategically enhance our product offer and be even more attractive for our customers," said Joachim Hauser, Director of BMW i Mobility Services.

"Given our investments in Park@MyHouse and Parkopedia, we have a sound parking portfolio."

ParkNow is a mobile parking platform that allows drivers to book a parking spot in advance and choose their price. It's currently a small venture with 35 ParkNow stations in San Francisco . Though, NOW! could help expand that since they have parking services in eight countries on three continents.

Image: ParkNow

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