BMW wants you to design the urban car of the future

BMW needs your help designing the vehicle you drive in 2025.

BMW is teaming up with Local Motors to dream up the urban car of the future, with your help.

The BMW Urban Driving Experience Challenge is offering up $30,000 in prize money to the design that best meets the challenge of improving driving in the future urban environment, with more people and new infrastructure challenges. “This is your chance to define and design next-generation mobility solutions for life in the “Mega-Cities” of the year 2025 and beyond,” the competition website says.

I'll be intrigued to see what designers dream up. My suggestion: think outside the car. Think of a “vehicle” in a broader sense. Something like this probably won't cut it though. Maybe something more like this .

Honestly, though, if I had a brilliant idea for an awesome urban automobile, I'm not sure $30,000 would be enough to share it with BMW. With cities experiencing explosive growth in the coming years, the urban vehicle of the future will be worth much more.

It's no surprise that BMW is interested in building a better urban vehicle. They've already branched out into the urban space with  folding bikes , scooters , and carsharing .

The competition starts accepting submissions on Sept. 25.

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Photo: BMW

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