Boeing 787 Dreamliners under scrutiny for wiring problems

Boeing's really not having a great year, is it?

All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Airlines have begun checking their Boeing 787 fleets for wiring problems, the airlines said Wednesday.

According to The Associated Press, the carriers -- which own 20 and 10 Dreamliners respectively -- have found issues with wiring that is meant to run systems which put out engine fires.

Although unrelated to the battery issues Boeing's luxury plane faced earlier this year, ANA said the wiring concerns have caused the delay of a 787's departure, where a flight from Tokyo to Frankfurt was stalled until parts could be exchanged. Two similar problems were found with other ANA Dreamliners.

Japan Airlines is currently expecting its fleet after being forced to recall a flight to Helsinki.

In January, Boeing Dreamliners were grounded worldwide . The European Aviation Safety Agency joined the FAA in ordering the planes to land after lithium-ion batteries caught fire and caused emergency landings. The battery system and casing was at fault, and flights resumed four months later after a rapid redesign and fresh wave of testing.

Despite these problems, Boeing's profits have soared this year , reporting a 9 percent rise in revenue to $21.8 billion, and beating analyst expectations due to a 13 percent rise in profits. Battery problems cost the firm dearly as airlines raged over flight cancellation and the grounding of fleets, but it hasn't stopped Boeing receiving over 1,000 orders for new planes and delivering 16 new Dreamliners to customers.

Via: Associated Press

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