Boeing discovers source of latest Dreamliner flaw

Boeing has tracked down the root cause of wiring problems that have caused flight delays and a new round of Dreamliner inspections.

Days after airlines were forced to delay and recall flights due to safety concerns, Boeing says it has discovered the source of the Dreamliner 787's latest problems.

The carrier was made aware of problems concerning wiring that related to a fire-extinguisher system on its luxury Dreamliner 787 planes. All Nippon Airways (ANA) and Japan Airlines delayed flights after issues were flagged up, the former holding off a flight on Wednesday and the latter recalling a flight bound for Helsinki.

Inspectors later found fire-extinguisher nozzles routed to the wrong engines on three ANA Dreamliners.

Boeing immediately began to investigate the issue, and requested Dreamliner operators to check their fleets. As a result, a pinched wire was also found on one of U.S. carrier United Airlines' six 787's.

In a statement, Boeing said that suppliers were behind the problems , but this "does not present a safety of flight issue, because the bottles are not the only means of fire extinguishing for engines, and there are multiple redundancies within the fire-extinguishing system."

Good news for Boeing, although perhaps carriers are losing patience with the continual problems the Dreamliner has faced this year. In January, the planes were left on the runway for four months after battery fires raised safety worries and caused emergency landings. Flights did not resume until a redesign of battery compartments were completed.

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