BookBook combines iPhone case with wallet so you can lose both at the same time

Hate your wallet? Have an iPhone? Buy the BookBook and get one step closer to getting rid of one of them.

For most of the population, the current pocket trifecta is the wallet, phone, and keys. Twelvesouth's BookBook aims to eliminate at least one of those by combining the wallet and iPhone 4 in one book-themed case.

Does it work? In theory, the idea of freeing up space in your pocket by fusing your wallet into a cellphone case seems like a good one. But the appeal lessens once you realize the risks in losing both of those things at same time. There's also the strange idea of flashing your ID every time you use your phone.

Still, the idea behind the BookBook is a good one, and for $59 you could have you hand in eliminating the wallet menace once and for all.