BOOMiO lets you share unlimited music for free

An iOS app that lets you share unlimited full length songs with your followers for free? So where is the catch and how does the revenue model work for the business?

BOOMiO is the "best way to share and discover music". Choose from millions of original, full-length, licensed tracks then BOOM a song to a friend, group, or everyone you know. With each song you can add a text message to encourage engagement amongst your network.

BOOMiO's app lets you share unlimited music for free ZDNet

Chat and comment with real-time, unlimited messaging. The "play and share" feature helps artists create buzz around their music.

BOOMiO's app lets you share unlimited music for free ZDNet

You can build a play list - called a BOOM list - and add more songs when the playlist is playing.

You can follow verified artists, share unlimited songs through Facebook, Twitter and instagram.

You can even use your phones Internet connection to chat with your BOOMiO friends without incurring charge. The app, available on the app store is also free. An Android app is in the offing too.

So how does BOOMiO fund itself? According to the company, the difference is in its revenue model. BOOMiO was created with the artist in mind.

Artists can share songs with their followers on the app. They can even get metrics from the artist dashboard.

The Seattle, Washington based company has partnered with major record labels and has built up a music library featuring over 20 million songs.

BOOMiO's app lets you share unlimited music for free ZDNet

The model "brings new promotional and monetization opportunities to the table."

Even unsigned artists will have the ability to upload their own songs in "early 2015". There are also revenue opportunities for partnerships with brands.

If users want to earn a free play, they have to share the song. This promotes the artist to their friends and connections.

This app is not a download and store offline app. It is a discovery and sharing app. Once you have listened to a song it "blows up", that is, it disappears.

Once you have played a track you have to share it to listen again which is a huge win for the artist or label win.

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The more songs you want to hear, the more you have to share the songs across your network.

This kind of promotion model means that BOOMiO does not have to charge a monthly user fee.

Randy Kath, co-founder and CEO, BOOMiO said. "Instagram changed the way we share photos by making it a fun, social experience - with BOOMiO we're bringing a similar approach to music".

For Milennials and Gen Y, unused to anything but a Freemium model, sharing every song in order to get a free play of the song is no big deal.

Their friends accept that they have to see promos from various artists in order to listen to the song.

BOOMiO is an ally for artists by offering them a novel way to promote and distribute new content, So if you do not mind being part of the promo team for the app, it is well worth giving BOOMiO a try.

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