Boosting small business with an app or two

The proliferation of smartphones, tablets, and cloud-enabled apps has played a critical role in levelling the playing field for small businesses.
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Business applications that once required teams of IT specialists to develop, and were affordable only by large businesses, are now an app download away.

While enterprises are still learning to adapt to the mobile revolution, small businesses have embraced mobility to transform their company, regardless of industry.

For many small businesses, mobility has been a disruptive force, creating new business models, driving customer and staff engagement, improving internal collaboration, and empowering employees to work while on the go.

In this 30 minute, ZDNet journalist Krishan Sharma chats with, international best-selling small business author Andrew Griffiths and Nic Blair, successful owner of businesses Search Factory and Brus Media, about:

  • The apps small businesses are using
  • Challenges of implementing and integrating the apps into the business
  • The cultural changes apps bring to a small business
  • The need to train staff and shift mindsets into using apps.

Watch the webinar and gain a unique insight into how small businesses are transforming themselves with technology that was once the domain of enterprise organisations.

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