Borland opens new development center in S'pore

The first one in the Asia-Pacific, Borland's new facility will focus on developing new application middleware.

SINGAPORE--Borland Software has expanded its global development capabilities, announcing Thursday its first research and development center located in the Asia-Pacific.

The Borland Development Center, which cost S$5 million (US$2.9 million) to set up, is housed at the International Business Park in Singapore. The new facility received an undisclosed amount of financial support from the Singapore Economic Development Board.

Speaking at a media briefing, Brian Elloy, Borland's senior vice president of software products, said the company hopes to increase the number of infrastructure software engineers in Singapore from the current 28 to 56 by year-end.

Nick Jackson, Borland's managing director for Southeast Asia, said the new center will play a key role in the development of application middleware technology. "The R&D group here is considered to be working on some of the leading-edge development of middleware technologies, and we're very excited to be in Singapore," Jackson said.

Besides its four centers in the United States and Singapore, Borland has research facilities in Russia and Prague.

The software company has around 500 employees worldwide working in research and development, 50 percent of whom are working outside of the United States. Elloy said the company is targeting to have about two-thirds of its research resources parked offshore by the end of 2006.